Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A few details about Room 207

Our Specials Schedule:

Monday:  Art
Tuesday:   PE
Wednesday:  Chorus
Thursday:  PE, Spanish, Library
Friday:  Spanish, Music

Please make sure your child has sneakers at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  In the winter (or all year) students are encouraged to leave shoes (sneakers) at school.


Second graders need to bring their own snack to school.

Birthdays in Room 207

            You are welcome to send in a special snack on or near your childs birthday.  I ask that you keep it simple.  Please have the snack be something that does not require a freezer, refrigeration, or teacher preparation (for example an ice-cream cake).  Your child should be able to pass it out with the help of another student.  We have birthday snacks at our regular snack time and the birthday snack is in addition to whatever else students have brought in for snack.

            If your child has a summer birthday we can celebrate a half birthday or pick the date of his or her birthday in May or June and celebrate on that day (for example a July 28 birthday could be celebrated on May 28).

Allergies in Room 207

So far I am only aware of a shellfish allergy.

After School Changes of Plans/Absences

If at all possible, please send in a written note if your child is doing something different after school.  You can email me*, but please do that before the school day starts (the students and I get anxious if the email isnt there when they get to school).  If your child will be taking a different bus or will be missing all or part of a school day, please cc Ms. Gwyn Dessert in the office.  That saves me a step and shell have any necessary bus passes waiting when your child gets to school.

School Day Start Time

            The bell rings at 7:55 am.  Second graders line up by grade at the main entrance.  Your child should be walking into the building with the class at that time.  This will give your child the time needed to do the settling-in chores and activities that are necessary before we start our morning meeting.  Please talk to your child about getting right to the classroom in the morning.

Take-Home Folders

            The Take-Home folders generally go home on Fridays and are expected back on Mondays.  When we start the Reading/Math Homework, those logs are due on Mondays.

*Email and Phone Contact

            I try to respond to emails within 24 hours.  I dont always check email during the school day.  The best way to communicate about after school plans is to send your child in with a written note or email the day before (cc Gwyn Dessert and Ill give you extra credit).  If your plans change during the day and you need to email me I will send an email back during the day to let you know Ive seen the email.  Otherwise you can call the school, in which case they will put the call through to the classroom.

            Let me know if you have other questions or concerns.  I'm eager to get the school year going!


                                                            Mrs. Whaley