Saturday, May 27, 2017

Colonial Times

Greetings Colonial Parents,

We had an exciting week in Colony 207.  From taxes to a tea party and dark day, there were very few dull moments.  We have just three more days to prepare for our big day on Friday.  We are done with the reading and math logs for this year.  I expect that your kids will still read for at least 15-20 minutes, but I will not be sending home logs.  The class has made good progress with reading.  We've had lots of help to meet the goal of having more students reading at or above grade level.  We will be doing reading assessments before the end of school, so any practice reading out loud will be helpful.
We did an extended math assessment this week and I have been running through flash cards with kids to see how they are doing with fluency for addition and subtraction facts to 20.  Most kids are doing well with addition.
This week/weekend you have a few deadlines to keep track of.  First, socks for a stick horse and spoons to eat with were due Friday.  We didn't get a lot of socks or spoons, I have enough extra spoons, but I'll be short for socks.  If your child hasn't brought in a sock, please check out your unmatched socks for any that you could send in.  A reminder that the socks need to be adult sized and long.  No holes!  Second, the sign-ups for stew items and colonial day volunteers have some deadlines.  Stew supplies need to be here by Wednesday, May 31st.  Baked goods need to be here by Thursday, June 1st.  Hopefully this is a link to the sign-up
And finally, if you can help out on colonial day, please sign-up by tomorrow, Sunday, May 28.  So far 7 families have at least one parent signed-up for the morning.  I need about 15 volunteers for the morning.  This, I think is a link for that sign-up
One more sign-up: Erin Umphry is the only parent signed-up to help with the stew Thursday morning, I'm sure she'd love some help if you are available from 8:15-9:30 ish.
 I will be working on the volunteer placements for our colonial day on Monday.  Thanks for all your help.  There are lots of details, and it always comes together to make for a memorable day.  Remember, Colonial Day takes place rain or shine (fingers crossed for shine).