Sunday, March 5, 2017

Baby it's Cold Outside

March 3rd, 2017
Hello All,

We are about to complete a five-day week, we haven't had a lot of those since the first of the year.  It was nice to get back into our routines.  One big piece of news is that we are tweaking the homework a little bit.  In the folders this week you will find a single page log.  It's the same as the pages from the log book.  The first one is due next Friday, March 10th. 

We still expect kids to read 5 times a week, 15-20 minutes with 10 of the minutes being out loud.  We also continue to expect math practice 3x a week.  We will include one worksheet for review/extra practice.  The other two math practices can be the fact strategy practices from before, games from the sheet included this week, Xtra Math, or Symphony Math.  Many kids are ready to work on subtraction fact strategies.  We learned the Salute game this week in class.  We played it with just two people.  The hope is that all second graders will be fluent with addition and subtraction facts to 20 by the end of second grade.

We have continued our measurement unit in math.  Second graders learn both US Customary measurement and metric measurement.  They are expected to be able to use a number line to solve problems.  They are also expected to be able to gather measurement data and put it on a line plot.  You will see some line plot work from this week.

For Language Arts we have continued our work on informational texts by reading biographies.  Each student has been reading two sources about the person they chose.  We plotted all the birth dates on a timeline.  Next week they will begin writing an informational paragraph about the person they choose.

Looking forward to meeting with you for conferences.


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