Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy New Year & MLK Day

Hello All,
We've hit the ground running this New Year in Room 207.  We have continued learning about money.  We will be starting "Stores" tomorrow (Friday).  It's always a fun way to wrap up our money unit.  They will set up shop with a partner.  They choose different items in the classroom to "sell."  The partners decide the prices (with parameters from yours truly).  Then one partner shops around the room while the other partner keeps shop and then they trade places.  I will give directions about whether they have to pay with exact change or whether they should over pay or try to under pay. 

In Language Arts we've been working on learning about informational reading and writing.  Everyone is in a biography book club.  We've been meeting in small groups to work on vocabulary,  spelling, fluency, and comprehension using the biographies.  The kids are soaking up the information about the people they are reading about.  We've already made connections to colonial times and the birth of our nation by reading about Johnny Appleseed.  The Rosa Parks book club has learned about the Civil Rights movement, and the Harriet Tubman group has learned about our country's history with slavery.  Our whole class read aloud is, Who is Sacagawea.  We've learned about how America was settled and who already lived here before the pilgrims and colonists showed up.

The kids did a "quick write" today of an informational paragraph.  We wrote a paragraph together as a class and then they wrote one of their own just to practice everything we've been learning about good writing.  I'm hoping your child can tell you four things that are expected in second grade narrative writing and four things that are expected in second grade informational writing (there are motions to go along--narrative writing starts with "Tell about a small moment," informational writing starts with "Introduce the topic.")  You might also be interested to hear about the leads that we have studied.  

If you didn't recognize or see the tin-foil-paper-plate-paper-towel-paper-bag hat that your child brought home earlier this week, that was our introduction to Properties of Matter.  The students had to design a hat to protect them from the sun and soak up sweat for when we got stranded on an island.   They needed to consider the properties of each material they had available--as luck would have it a lunch washed up on shore after we got stranded.  This is another lesson from Mystery Science.  They kids love these lessons.

I'm headed out of town for the long weekend.  My mom turned 80 in December, so my husband, daughter, and I are heading to Michigan to celebrate.  I hope you enjoy some extra time with your kiddos.


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