Sunday, December 18, 2016

Short & Sweet

     The week, your kids, this newsletter…take your pick.  Thank you again everyone for the wonderful class party after the concert Wednesday.  Thanks, too, for all the great gifts.  The kids are about half done with one of the puzzles already.
     The students are all reading a holiday story (Hershel and the Hannukah Goblins, Welcome Comfort, or Olive the Other Reindeer).  They are working on filling out a retell rope and then answering a couple questions about the text (author’s purpose and a place where the author drew them into the story).  We’re working on using complete sentences and using what we know about syllable types to make good decisions about spelling.  They will be meeting in book clubs this week to discuss the stories.
     We’ve been working to learn about money in math.  Counting change at home is good practice.  In second grade we learn to identify pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  An activity the kids enjoy is to be given coins behind their backs, then identify what coins they have (without looking) and add them up.  Can you do it?  Skip counting forward and backward with money is also good practice.  The “Stores” activity I mentioned in the last newsletter will have to wait until the new year.
     The kids are in a variety of places with their fact fluency (as expected).  Some of your kids are doing Xtra Math (essentially on-line flash cards—but they ARE timed).  Some kids are working with ten grid cards or mini Rekl-n-Reks.  The visual part of the math is very important.  Also, very important not to time kids until they have strategies.  Keep encouraging your children to make progress from where they are.  Reading and Math logs are due tomorrow (Dec 19).  I will not be sending them back home over the holidays.  We’ll start back up in January.
     I added another page to the blog.  It’s called “Helpful Youtube Videos?”  More inspiration from the math conference.  I hope you have lots of fun and relaxing family time over the holidays!

Upcoming Dates:
Wednesday, December 21st  Last day of school before the holiday break.

Tuesday, January 3rd  First day back to school after holidays.

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