Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy All Hallows' Eve

I hope you are enjoying some good football and the calm before the storm (of Halloween & all the candy).  We had a very fun day on Friday with our Halloween Parade and the special snack time.  Thank you to all who provided for the snack and to Ally Johnson for organizing the sign-up for all the special snacks for the year.

Speaking of sign-ups...most of you have signed up for a conference time.  I'll try to include a link for those who still need to sign-up.  It always comes up so fast (tomorrow is only our 41st day of school), but I do enjoy thinking about where everyone is at and being able to touch base with parents.

We have continued with our Mystery Science lessons.  This past week we planted radish seeds and made observations about their growth.  We saw a picture of a pumpkin that one of the first grade classes opened.  It had sprouted seeds inside it!  That made us wonder about what plants need to grow--we know they need water and minerals, and now we want to know if they need sun.  We're also hoping to get into the forest again this week to see what is different from the last time we were there.

For language arts we have done some work toward book clubs.  We tried to figure out why a poor shoemaker would give a bag of gold back to the rich man that gave it to him.  We looked at how often the author mentioned worry and singing.  The students will learn to give evidence from the text to support their opinions.

In math we had a tricky problem type this week.  It is the classic example of a problem having two numbers and a second grader adds them.  I'll put a picture on the math page of the blog.

I forgot to mention to the students they are supposed to wear orange or black tomorrow (Halloween).  I hope that's not too hard given this late notification.

Enjoy the time with your second grader tomorrow night--they grow up so fast!

Upcoming Dates:
Nov 8 Picture Retake day.  Please return the original pictures and I'll make sure your child get a do over.
Nov 9 Afternoon of conferences
Nov 11 No school, Veterans' Day
Nov 21 Conference Day
Nov 23-25 Thanksgiving Break

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