Friday, September 30, 2016

Gaining Momentum

 Welcome to the Blog!!!  Our newest second grade teacher, Karen Wilson, showed me how to set up a blog.  It seems like a better way to get newsletters to you and to have a place where you can go to get information you need.  Please bear with me as I set up the blog and figure out how to best take advantage of it.
In Language Arts we covered a variety of ground this week.  We talked about what authors write about and where they get ideas.  We continued work on spelling and understanding syllable types.  So far we’ve learned/reviewed open syllables, closed syllables, and silent e syllables.  Jason was our silent e, so ask your child what would happen when Jason showed up.
We also talked about connections we might have when we read.  We reread My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia Polacco and made a list of connections and then talked about which ones really help us understand, remember, and enjoy what we read.
For math this week we continued to practice stations—learning how to be independent during this time.  We learned about the +2 and “friendly tens” fact strategies.  We mapped out all the strategies on our Foundational Math Facts poster.  We saw that out of 121 addition facts we will learn strategies for 117 of them.
Friday afternoon we are planning to go into the forest to make observations.  We’ve talked about how scientists and authors need to be careful observers.  Each student will bring one object back to the classroom and then do some writing and illustrating with that object.
I’m looking forward to meeting with you on Thursday night!

A few dates for your calendar:
Monday, October 3rd  Me Collage due
Monday, October 3rd  Reading & Math Log Due
Thursday, October 6th 5-6 pm.  Parent Information Night/Open House  This will be a night for you and your second grader. Please make other arrangements for siblings.  Students start in the music room, parents start in the classroom.
Friday, October 7th is an in-service day for teachers so there is no school.
Monday, October 10th is Columbus Day and is also a no school day.
Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs. Whaley

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