Saturday, May 19, 2018

More Updates from Colony 207

     Wow!  A roller coaster of a week...first we got to bring stuffies and have candy, then we had to pay taxes and buy stamps and now King George III has repealed the Stamp Act but has instituted the Declaratory Act--which basically says he and Parliament have legal say over what we do.  We're not sure what to think, what will happen next?!!
     We are now at T minus 9 school days until our colonial day.  We are in good shape with the sewing.  This week we will start practicing the three reenactments that we will do for you on our colonial day.  Rikuo is our Town Crier, he will bring news to the colonial village around 9:45.  Milla is our Dame Mc Murphy and we will do the Dame School reenactment around 11:15 am.  Following that Isaac is our Peddler and he along with his apprentice (Seth) will arrive some time after Dame school.  We will have time for a group photo after that.  Then the students continue the reenactment in the colonial house with Samson Occum (Nicholas) saying a blessing.  There's a little free time before we do our colonial dances and play a colonial game or two with a PE teacher.  The afternoon is quieter stations and clean up.  I hope you will be able to come to at least part of the day.
     We continue to work on Geometry.  They all did a great job learning how to draw cubes this week.  I put a game in the folders as a way to practice drawing the shapes they need to know.  That can count as homework.
     About half the class has brought in a sock and a spoon.  A few more would be great, but no worries if you don't have one.  Please have them in by this Friday, May 25th.  They go in boxes that I will be packing next weekend.  If you haven't signed up to help on Colonial Day here's the link, I messed up the slots but I think you can figure out the place to put your name and if not, I'll be able to figure out what you meant.

During colonial times only 1 in 10 people were literate.  Colonial trade signs often had pictures so that people knew what was sold at that store.
 Can you pick out your cherub?
 One student is in both of these pictures.

     Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Greetings again from Colony 207

     We had a lot of fun at The Fort At Number 4 yesterday.  The students were attentive and asked great questions like, "Why do you have a knife and an ax on your belt?"  They learned about colonial games, a trading post, Native Americans, planting flax, and making flax and wool into yarn and fabric.

     I added a Geometry page to the blog as we have started the geometry unit.  Second graders need to know the shapes triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, and hexagon.  They also need to know about cubes.
     We are still looking for a sock and a wooden spoon from everyone.  Check out last weeks newsletter for more information.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Colonial Times

Greetings from Colony 207
     We just finished our first Craft Workshop. 
Everyone stenciled a wall hanging.  They still need to sew the top and add a dowel and string, and then they will be ready to hang at the colonial house on our colonial day.  We also started cross stitch this week, the kids are making great progress on this project as well.
     A few details about what is expected/needed for the colonial unit.  I have already mentioned I will need about 13-15 volunteers for the morning on our colonials day (Friday, June 1st), and about 6-8 volunteers in the afternoon.  I will send out a sign-up when we get a little closer to the day.  If you can only come to one part, come in the middle of the day to see the Peddler and Dame School reenactments.  They usually take place around 11:15 to noon, times do vary depending how long other parts of the day take.
     This is a special day for your second grader.  We do not allow school-age siblings or younger siblings to attend the colonial day.  College-age siblings and grandparents are welcome.  If they want to help, sign them up and I'll assign them to a station.
     Adults and children dress-up for the day.  We have some adult dresses, skirts and aprons.  Please don't feel like you need to buy anything special.  A plain longish skirt and a plain top are fine.  An apron makes anything look more colonial.  We have a couple men's vests as well.  Again, plain clothing goes a long way to taking the moderness out of your regular clothes.
     The girls can borrow dresses from the school.  They will also be making their own apron, pocket, and bonnet.  The boys will make their own vests and haversacks (man purse).  The boys will need to wear a plain (white), preferably collared shirt.  They need breeches for the bottom.  Breeches can be shorts or cut off pants/sweat pants.  High socks complete the colonial look.
     Shoes do not need to be authentic.  We will have three fires going and your kids need to have sturdy, safe shoes.  
Colonial Day happens rain or shine. 

Your child needs to bring in a wooden spoon to eat their stew with, it can be big.  They also need to bring in a sock for making a stick horse.  They should not have holes or be low cut socks.  If you don't have either of these things, I do have extra, you don't have to buy anything.
     I will be sending out a request for stew items in the next week or two.  We will make the stew on Thursday, May 31st.  The other request I will make for Colonial Day is for cookies and corn bread.  Again, I will send that out in the next week or two.
     Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns, I know it's a lot to take in.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

April Showers bring May Flowers

     What do Mayflowers bring?  Pilgrims and Colonists, in other words, our colonial unit.  Mrs. Alavilli has been working hard to get all the materials prepped.  I will work this weekend to set up the Sign-Up Genius for the craft workshops.  Sign up for what you are interested and able to do.  Please don't feel obligated.  I believe that if we all do what we can, when we can, we will easily get the work done.  Come to enjoy being with the kids.
     We have been learning about U.S. Customary measurement and metric measurement.  Deciding what tool to use is part of what is assessed in second grade.  If you want to weave that into some conversation, that would be appreciated.  You can also ask about body parts that are about the length of different measurements (inch, yard, etc).
     On Tuesday we will be doing Book Clubs with our 5th Grade Learning Buddies.  Ms. Wilson is doing action research on student-led discussions and I'm excited to watch our kids in action and talk with her about what she notices.  We read the book Maddi's Fridge and the students filled out a readers journal to prepare for the book clubs.
     We finished our Laura Bridgman opinion writing and watched "Miracle Worker" to wrap up that unit.  Miracle Worker is the story of Helen Keller.  There are so many similarities to Laura Bridgman.  We are moving into more science now that the biography and opinion writing is done.  With that in mind, if your child has his/her science journal at home, it would be great if they could bring that to school.  They should know if it is at school because I handed out the ones that I had.  We last used them for moon observations.  It's not a big deal if they don't have it.  I can use other paper.
     Here's the word scramble from this last week.  It's a reminder that we have one more week to bring this in for the Haven.

Have a great weekend,